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We are seeking speakers for our next meetups in the Mannheim, Germany area. In-person presentations are preferred, but we are also open to remote talks. Anything or web development related is fine for us. If you are interested, let us know. Thx!

And next up: @Skoop talking about the basics of Domain Driven Design

Oliver Kossin kicking off the meetup today with some Dependency Injection insights...

Join us tonight for an evening of learning and networking at the @bitexpert office in Mannheim. Excited to have @Skoop shedding light on Domain-Driven Design. Secure your place: meetup.com/phpug-rhein-neckar/

Don't miss our upcoming event on 17th April at @bitexpert office in Mannheim. Get ready to learn about Dependency Injection and with our expert speaker Oliver Kossin. RSVP now: meetup.com/phpug-rhein-neckar/

Ready to level up your knowledge? Mark your calendars for 17th April and join us at the pre-event of Sylius Days at the @bitexpert office in Mannheim. @Skoop will guide us through the basics of Domain-Driven Design. Sign up: meetup.com/phpug-rhein-neckar/

Join us on 17th April for a special meetup at @bitexpert office in Mannheim. Excited to have Oliver Kossin on board to dive into Dependency Injection and Symfony. Don't miss out! RSVP here: meetup.com/phpug-rhein-neckar/

Small typo, obviously we will meet on the 17th of April, not the 17th of March!


Save the date! On 17th March, the meetup is back with a fantastic event at the @bitexpert office in Mannheim. Learn all about Domain-Driven Design from the amazing @Skoop. Secure your spot here: meetup.com/phpug-rhein-neckar/

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