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deployer - The PHP deployment tool github.com/deployphp/deployer

phpDocumentor - Documentation Generator for PHP github.com/phpDocumentor/phpDo

composer-unused - Show unused composer dependencies github.com/composer-unused/com

robo - Modern task runner for PHP github.com/consolidation/Robo

Later today, we'll host our next meetup in . Hear talks about , , and . If you are close, drop by meetup.com/phpug-rhein-neckar/

whoops - PHP errors for cool kids github.com/filp/whoops

One week to go! On the 31st of August, we'll host our next meetup in . Do not miss! Sign up here meetup.com/phpug-rhein-neckar/

ComposerRequireChecker - preventing you from using "soft" dependencies github.com/maglnet/ComposerReq

THANK YOU Dots United for sponsoring our meetup! Very much appreciated.

In 2 weeks, we'll host our August meetup at the @bitexpert office in . Hear talks about , , and . Sign up here meetup.com/phpug-rhein-neckar/

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