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PHP 7+ Payment processing library github.com/Payum/Payum

Open-source Multi-Vendor marketplace based on and github.com/BitBagCommerce/Open

Automatically fix Coding Standards issues github.com/VincentLanglet/Twig

SpeedTrap reports slow-running tests right in the console github.com/johnkary/phpunit-sp

FrankenPHP: Modern App Server for github.com/dunglas/frankenphp

CLI App and library to manage apc & opcache github.com/gordalina/cachetool

Danger gives teams the chance to automate common code review chores github.com/shyim/danger-php

Find Unused Public Elements in Your Code github.com/TomasVotruba/unused

bundle that adds the capability to change the datetime of an application github.com/icanhazstring/symfo

Pheature flags toggle management bundle github.com/pheature-flags/symf

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